Thief Caught While Trying To Enter The House Of A London Based Man In Delta.

Thief Caught While Trying To Enter The House
The popular saying ‘everyday for the thief, one day is for the owner of the house’ – was witnessed today after a serial burglar was nabbed while trying to break into the home of a London based Nigerian CEO, Chief Richmond MacGrey, in Sapele area of Delta state.
According to Chief Richmond, few weeks ago at between 11am and 2pm, thieves broke into his house in Sapele and carted away his most expensive genuine coral beads, television set, surround sound system. The businessman revealed that he bought those beads for over a million naira about 21 years ago.
But today at midday, four ”lazy youths” stormed his premises again fully equipped with iron and metal cutter to steal. Three were on the lookout while one was busy cutting burglary proof and padlock keys thinking my premises was empty.
When they were sighted by some boys around, the three on lookout ran but the one cutting my keys and burglary proof wasn’t that lucky.
He was caught red handed and given a beating of his life before handing him over to local vigilantes for questioning before taking him to Sapele Police station.

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