Ile-Ife ‘To Become’ The Biggest Tourist Destination In Africa

OONI PRESENTED A GIFTIle-Ife, the ancestral home of Yoruba descendants, is set to be transformed into a world heritage city, according to the promoters of a project in that regard.

The promoters led by The Ooni of Ife, His Imperial Majesty, Ooni Adeyeye Ogunwusi, Ojaja ll, and and Almajdal Limited, an international business conglomerate, said the project involves the transformation of the ancient city into “the biggest tourist destination in Africa”.

In a statement on Sunday, Wali Kutrub, executive director of Almajadal Limited, said when completed, the project would also stir “immense wealth and job creation and an economic bang.”

He also quoted the ooni of Ife, as saying the project involves “re-construction and beautification of ancient sites, greenery of the city centers, redesign of the city main boulevard, outskirts and other legacy projects in line with the idea to create the necessary impetus for Ile-Ife and Yoruba cultural renaissance”.

He added that the project would also enhance research-based and knowledge-driven economy in Nigeria “with the south-west as the peg.”

The statement read: “We are set for a legacy project that will uplift one of the oldest cities in the world and put it on the global tourist map.

“It involves rebuilding the over 200 historical and archeological sites dating back to the 8th century, construction of the Yoruba museum of natural history, and the Yoruba ancient war museum, the rebuilding of the burial place of Oduduwa, the first ooni of Ife who died around late 9th century, the Garden of Saints for late oonis, the provision of gardens, botanical gardens and fountains across the city.”

He also said the group engineering the cause of the project would collaborate with Tropical Green City Foundation based in Lagos, and that the project is expected to employ the services of “thousands of artisans and create a job boom in the Ile-Ife axis and the entire South West region.”

“Nigeria is about to tap this immense resources beginning with the Ile-Ife project. About 1 million tree species sourced from all over the world will be planted at Ile-Ife in a bid to create a green revolution while rare species of plants and animals will be conserved,” Kutrub said.


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