OONI AT CALIFORNIA COLLEGES9The Ooni of Ife and Arole Oodua, Ooni Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi Ojaja II has assured that the continent of Africa will soon get its house in order and become a major rallying point of leadership for the the entire world, saying the world will soon gravitate towards the continent for stability and survival.

The African foremost monarch who is on a week working visit to the State of California in USA stated this on Thursday while addressing the black students of the California state University in Los Angeles during an interactive session organized by the College’s department of African Languages.

While answering questions from the students, the Ooni described all the black people in America and all over the world as indigenes of Africa who must always work for the greatness of the continent with the philosophy of “one humanity, one source, one race”.

“My children, you may be Americans, you may be Jamaicans, you may be Haitians, you may be Cubans or Brazilians, the truth is that you are all my children from Africa”

“Africa must progress, you must key into the cultural reawakening mission that will soon positively reposition our continent which is the source of mankind ”

“Imbibe the spirit of one humanity, one source, one race. We were once the leaders of this world and we must get our global leadership back through cultural reawakening”.

“Everything started from us, bronze age, stone age, cloth technology, all of this started from Africa, we must now begin to say this aloud because they will never talk about it for us. In fact, you must always be proud to say that Africa is the only continent that hasn’t moved an inch from its original location. Also know that over 40% of the resources in this world are in Africa, and if we struggle together as one people, the world will soon begin to gravitate towards Africa for stability and survival”. Ooni Ogunwusi assured.

The Co-chairman of Nigerian Council of Traditional Rulers and Spiritual leader of Yorubaland had earlier same day visited the Los Angeles High School of Performing Arts where he admonished the students who turned out in their hundreds to receive him to believe in themselves and remain focused in their educational career to succeed in life, calling them the leaders of tomorrow.

“Thank you all for coming out of your classrooms to honour me. I have no doubt about your brighter future, you are indeed the leaders of tomorrow”.

“I was like you, President Trump was like you Barrac Obama was once like you, your teachers were once like you, we all made it to the top because we were very dedicated to our studies and very focused”.

“I want you to first believe in yourself and I pray for you today that greatness and goodness of tomorrow will be yours. Face your studies and love one another because you are one big family irrespective of your colour race and religion”.Ooni said.

With him at the two events were the Ajero of Ijero-Ekiti, HRM Oba Joseph Adewole, Ogoga of Ijero-Ekiti, HRM Oba Samuel Adejimi, Alayemore of Ido-Osun, HRM Oba Aderemi Adedapo, Obaluru of Ife, HAM Oranfe Abiodun Mulatto, Osogun of Ife, HSE Oladapo Olafiranye the former WBA Champion, Gerrie Cortzec, Director of HAPA Awards Tina Weisinger and her partner Amber.

Comrade Moses Olafare,
Director, Media & Public Affairs,
Ooni’s Palace.


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