If You Find This Lost Briefcase, You’ll Receive 30,000 Dollars Reward

Briefcase-e1510341156317The owners of a missing Italian-brand briefcase took a full-page advertisement in a daily German Newspaper on Friday to offer 35,000 dollars for its return.
The anonymous advertisement placed in the Bild newspaper said the owners wanted the grey, suede Brioni briefcase returned, “including its complete contents.’’
The ad did not mention what was inside the bag which was lost at lunchtime in a sushi restaurant at Berlin’s main station on Nov. 4.
Contact with the owner is offered via an email address.
A full-page advertisement for the Berlin edition of Bild costs 23,866 euros, the newspaper said.
Berlin Police said they had been contacted about a briefcase stolen from the German capital’s main railway station on Nov. 4, but did not confirm it was the one in the advertisement.

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