Omisore Cries Out: APC plotting To Use Police Against Me

OMISORE.jpg3Senator Iyiola Omisore has cried out: “Some powerful interests in the ruling All Progressives Congress are apparently working with the Nigeria Police or some of their officers to realise their sinister plot against me.”
“A few days ago, I received a very curious but interesting invitation, claiming to be from the Osun State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department and signed by one Deputy Commissioner of Police Umege Uzochukwu.”
“In the invitation, I was asked to report to the said DCP Uzochukwu that the late Senator Isiaka Adeleke, had reported a case of assault against me to them. And I wondered when Senator Adeleke (may God rest his soul) made the report as no date was given in the said invitation. The police invitation letter was dated October 20, 2017.”
“The invitation letter read in part, ‘You are invited to meet with Deputy Commissioner of Police in charge of State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department in connection with a case of assault occasioning harm reported by (late) Senator Isiaka Adeleke against you’.”
“We all know that as Nigerians, we are living in a very interesting time and the culture now is to source for scapegoats in members of the Peoples Democratic Party for every inaction of government. The tragic instance in which the late former Osun State governor, a distinguished senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, died is still fresh in our particularly the controversy that his death generated across the nation.”
“What is also fresh in our memories is the decision by the good people of Osun State to reward the late Senator Adeleke and people of Ede by electing his brother to complete his term in the Senate. The people’s decision, of course, was carried out by our great party, the Peoples Democratic Party.”
“Could this invitation by the police have been anchored on the role I purportedly played as a party leader in that election?” This, Omisore queried, wondering how the police could allow themselves to be used against the people they are expected to protect.”
“Therefore, I want the public to know about the plot and keep them informed about this sinister plot against myself and the late Senator Adeleke.”

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