Ooni Is The Father To Every Yoruba Oba And Must Be Given Respect He Deserves

1 Ooni welcome Oba Oyotunji.png2

I woke up early this morning surfing the internet and landed on a video where the Oba of Lagos Oba Akiolu openly showed his arrogance and disrespected our Revered Ooni.

It is a sheer arrogance and an attempt to ridicule himself not the stool of Ooni. It is a known fact which is not disputable that Ile Ife is the ancestral home of all the Yorubas and Ooni is the custodian of the Yoruba heritage and culture.

Ooni is the Oduduwa of our present time. Ooni is the father to every Yoruba Oba and must be accorded with the respect he naturally deserves.

What Oba Akiolu did is an insult to himself and an insult to the entire Yoruba race. He depicts his level of civilization and education. He is even an insult to the kingmakers in Lagos that chose him to be their Oba.

Yoruba used to say in one of their proverbs that ” ile to n Toro, omo ale ibe ni ko ti dagba”. Anyone who throws a stone to his father’s house has no name other than BASTARD.

The current Oba of Lagos is a big nuisance who has no respect for Yoruba race and what we as a (Yoruba)Nation stands for!

What he did to Ooni of Ife in this video is totally condemnable,stupid and uncalled for.
Oonirisa may be young in age but he remains the representative of Oduduwa and custodian of Yoruba culture and heritages.

Ooni isn’t known to be arrogant,his activities since his enthronment will attest to that fact.He even bent(out of respect) to greet Akiolu….what else?!!

Even if Akiolu is having personal issue with Oonisa,he ought not to have taken it this far,this his action is ridiculous and very UnYoruba.

This only comfirmed it that Akiolu is an arrogant opportunist who has no iota of aura that goes with his status and the position he is occupying.

He is a big disgrace to himself,Lagos State and the whole Yoruba Nation! A Beast In The Palace!

On this note, the entire Ifes viz-a-viz Yorubas are demanding an open apology from Oba Akiolu for his action towards their father.


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